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Music Ministry

Do you play an instrument? Your talents with any instrument can be part of the music ministry here at SJE., Contact the office at 436-6380.


Care Ministry

Our SJE Formation Team offers a wide variety of opportunities to teach, mentor, companion, and share the riches of our faith in a wide variety of settings. Mentor parents through Baptism prep or sponsor people wishing to become Catholic… form our young people in a class room setting or through youth ministry activities …journey with our High School students discerning Confirmation …assist parents in the preparation of their children for Reconciliation and Eucharist … lead a small group in faith sharing... all while deepening your own understanding and appreciation of our faith. Learn it! Love it! Live it! Pass it on! Contact Deacon Tom at 436-6380, ext. 205.


Sing loud and sing clear, we would love to hear your voice in our choir, a small group or as a soloist. Our church is acoustically sound, so everyone sounds good! This is another opportunity to make new friends who share your love of music.  Contact the office at 436-6380.

Love Life

Love Life is an ecumenical, respect life program that provides diapers, infant furniture, clothing and supplies to low-income families with newborns and toddlers. They receive referrals and work closely with local hospitals, churches, social service agencies, and organizations in the community. SJE is a long time, very committed partner in this program and offers a wide variety of volunteer efforts for all ages here at church, at the Love Life Centers, or in your home.  Katie Friederichs, 983-6414,

Councils and Committees

Wish to help worshippers make connections between the Mass and our daily lives? Want to help inspire people “go forth to glorify the Lord with their lives”? Assistance is always welcome in the creative planning and hands-on implementation of ideas designed to enhance and support our prayer and worship opportunities. Contact the office at 436-6380.

Signing Choir

Our Deaf Community sponsors this beautiful choir for both ear and eye---a moving experience of flowing hands and arms set to music. A great way to learn Sign Language! Great worship enhancing opportunity for both Deaf and Hearing of all ages.  Jean Laux

SJE Homeless Shelter

There are many needs at our seasonal shelter, year-round, both night and day, with/without contact with the guests. Specialized committee work is also available (such as publicity, newsletters, volunteer training, governance, and corporate board, etc.) Provide a meal or conduct a drive for the wish list - please check out the website found at: for a multitude of opportunities from which to choose and the rewards are endless!  Shelter number is 436-9344.


You aren’t just an “usher” you’re a greeter, too! Welcome people in the door, distribute worship aides and bulletins, and work with others to make sure all are comfortable, both “regulars” and visitors.  Contact the office at 436-6380.

Archival Committee

Did you know that SJE is the oldest continuously operating Catholic parish in the state? With that comes a church steeped in a rich history, we need to make sure our legacies are preserved and passed on. How do you know your future, if you don’t know your past? Join this team and discover the role the SJE Community of Faith has played in throughout the history of our diocese, our city, and Northeast Wisconsin. You may even uncover a lost relative or two!  Tom Schampers,  (920) 866-2018

Art & Environment

Just like at home, things need to be changed up for the church seasons and/or to accent the readings for the week. Both creative planners and hands-on movers and shakers are needed to round out this team. Our beautiful church and our understanding of the liturgies are enhanced through the creation of meaningful seasonal environments.  Contact the office at 436-6380.


Children of God Liturgy of the Word

Do you enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of our youngest members? Want to share your Catholic faith with ages 4 thru 8? Every 1st and 3rd Sunday, year-round during the 10:45 Sunday Mass, children are invited to gather to hear the Gospel and participate in age-appropriate learning activities. Adult facilitators are provided with all materials and activities in advance for these 30 minute sessions. Contact the office at 436-6380. 

Eucharistic Minister

We can always use ministers for a variety of day, night, and weekend masses; serve on a rotating schedule. This means you’re not committed every week, but every so often. What an honor to offer fellow members the Body and Blood of Christ!  Contact the office at 436-6380.

Rectory Office Help

It takes a lot of administrative work to make our parish hum! Might you have a few daytime hours available to help with answering phones, taking messages, tending the doors, providing hospitality to visitors, light typing/keyboarding, filing, web site, social media and a variety of seasonal projects? A strong respect for confidentiality is necessary. The staff is fun!  Bridget Zakowski, 436-6380,

Landscape and Flowers

Do you have a green thumb? Love to putter in the garden? Would you like to help keep the outside of church as beautiful as the inside? Assistance is needed spring, summer and fall in the planning, care & feeding of the flowerbeds, boxes, and planters here at SJE.  Contact the office at 436-6380.

Sacristy Clean Team

Although the church is cleaned by a service, the sacristy is tended by a variety of “clean teams” that oversee the care and upkeep of our sacristy space, sacred vessels, linens, vestments, and other items needed for celebration of our liturgies. Teams of 2 or 3 rotate and support one another-usually on Friday mornings but with lots of flexibility!  Contact the office at 436-6380.


We are looking for people comfortable in the proclamation of God’s Word, whether it be by voice or by Sign! If you have the skills and temperament to share God’s Word up front and center, this is a wonderful and unique way to assist in the celebration of the mass and help people deepen their faith.  Contact the office at 436-6380.

Liturgy Planning Team

Wish to help worshippers make connections between the Mass and our daily lives? Want to help inspire people “go forth to glorify the Lord with their lives”? Assistance is always welcome in the creative planning and hands-on implementation of ideas designed to enhance and support our prayer and worship opportunities.  Contact the office at 436-6380.



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